This is a good example on how yard decorations can make your home unique.  A stack of wooden skids, and not one, but two toilets.  We can only hope that these are just extras and are not used.


A yard sale?  Guess again.  This is a common way for trailer trash to keep their grass from growing.  If you get enough objects, and spread them out evenly, those mowing days are over!


On a scale of 1-10 on creativity, I'd have to give this one a 10.  Look closely.  The awning is a hood off of a truck.


Trailers are famous for their "add-ons".  But why just add a single room when you just add another trailer!  In fact, why stop there?  Add on 2 trailers!  They don't have to match.  They don't even need to be the same size.  Just line them up and you just tripled your square footage.


This one is similar to the one pictured above.  It's two trailers with an add-on.  Notice the roof is sort of like a carport, but larger.  A trailerport?


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