It appears that as soon as you pay off your older trailer, you can buy a newer one and attach it.  Of course, attaching trailers together isn't as easy as you might think.  Sometimes it's easier to just make a short walkway from one to the other!


Another creative invention that only trailer trash could come up with.  This person just used things that were laying around the yard to build a jungle gym for the kids.


This one is sitting just 21 blocks high.  Notice the dusk to dawn light just a couple of feet away from the bedroom window.  This guy not only has to worry about tornadoes, but now he has to worry about earthquakes too!


Talk about square footage...  On the far left is a doublewide, then as you look to your right, not one, but two singlewides are attached.  A quadruplewide?!


This is the first trailer that I've ever seen that actually has an attic.  You can use it for storage, or add a second bedroom!


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